Our Open Letter

Fathi Initiative is coordinating an open letter to Somaliland Political Parties,
Parliamentary Committees, the Somaliland Cabinet and all Somaliland’s Local
Authorities from organisations and individuals across Somaliland. The letter calls on
these key decision makers and institutions to show their commitment to delivering the
UN Sustainable Development Goals in Somaliland by publishing the specific actions
they are taking that relate to the 17 critical areas reflected in the SDGs.

The background

On the 25 of September 2015, the United Nations adopted an Agenda to eradicate
poverty in all its dimensions, to protect the planet from environmental degradation and
to foster, peaceful, justice and inclusive societies, while ensuring that one one is left

The purpose of this letter is to:

 * Raise awareness of the SDGs at key strategic levels
 * Encourage a sense of responsibility from institutions and key individuals to reach
the goals in Somaliland

Adapted versions of this letter will be sent to the following groups:

 * Somaliland Parliament Committees
 * At least 10 members of the Somaliland Cabinet
 * Somaliland’s Local Authorities
 * The Three political parties (Ucid, Waddani and Kulmiye)

Sign our open letter

By signing our open letter at this crucial time, we can make sure that actions are taken
in Somaliland to see that the Global Goals are achieved. We can also start together to
change Somaliland for the future generations and be change agents. To Create change
we need to come together and change together.

Any organisation and individual from the public, private sectors can sign the letter.


We are writing to you at what we believe is a significant moment in Somaliland’s
commitment to itself and the planet. Neatly captured by the UN Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), we invite you to join our ambition that the SDGs are
achieved in Somaliland and across the world.
The SDGs are a call to action on the most serious and challenging issues facing our
society and environment throughout the next decade. The goals where adopted by
world leaders in septemper 2015 at an historic UN Summit and officially come into

We look forward to hearing from you on your commitments to delivering the SDGs
in Somaliland and we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how
we can move ahead with a Somaliland National plan II to see that we achieve the

If you have any comments or questions or would like to arrange a meeting with the
initiative, please contact our Initiative Coordinator: office@initiative.fathibashe.com

We will publish all responses in September 2018 in a report on our
website: www.initiative.fathibashe.com.

We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to working with you.

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